Wonder Ball – Cluster Ball

Michael Abraham Sculpture Wonder Ball Cluster Bronze IMG_2172 adjusted

Out of pandemic isolation comes a global cluster of humanity to reflect on connection, longing, human touch, mortality and wonder.

‘Cluster’ is a cast bronze set on a custom made rotating chrome-plated steel base.  It is 15 inches in height, 9 inches in diameter, and weighs over 40 pounds. The designing and carving was commenced in May of 2020 and finally completed in September 2021.

The castings are fabricated with the great help of Jacob Burton and Burton Bronze Foundry. The bases are machined by Ladner Harbour Machine Shop, in British Columbia Canada.

Here you see two different patina finishes, and photos of the sculptures in different lighting. It is always a pleasure to see how changing light and changing patina affects a sculpture’s presence.

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Michael Abraham Sculpture Wonder Ball Cluster Bronze IMG_2375 adjusted