Candelabrum, Bronze, with silver blackened Patina, 19" height, 2017 <span class="avail-dark">a</span>


Candelabrum- polished bronze, 19″ height, 2017

‘We are the torchbearers, we are the bringers of light.’

While sculpting I was curious to know (and pleased to see) how the light would change on the three figures of the candelabrum as the candles melted, catching sidelight of the features. I like the idea of a functional piece of art, something I would want on my table, and I promised my mom before she passed away in 2016 that I would make something ‘NICE!’

I learned that candelabra is the plural of candelabrum. Who knew?

Candelabrum - alternate view a
Candelabrum - alternate view <span class="avail-dark">a</span>
Candelabrum - alternate view
Candelabrum - alternate view