‘Satyr and Sunshine’ (Devil as Sunshine)…

Latest Sculpture is off to the foundry…

Satyr and Sunshine clay michael abraham 3

Satyr and Sunshine clay michael abraham 2


‘Satyr and Sunshine’
(Devil as Sunshine)
An edition of 9 Bronzes are being made from my most recent wax-based clay original, pictured above. 
Forms inspired by my love of classical art, I was thinking of the way someone may present themselves in a glowing light, as sunshine, when in fact they hide a devilish nature.  I was thinking about the societal taming of the biological nature of males. I was thinking about conformity and the breaking of conformity. I was hoping this piece acknowledges the playfully sneaky nature in all of us.  What can be seen as sweet and homogenous from one angle can be seen as deviant and playful from another, and can be taken as a metaphor for the nature of business, politics, and sexuality.  
The back of the sun/star will be polished to a mirror like finish, to have the devilish satyr happily gazing at himself, satisfied…
The finished bronzes are available in polished bronze, blackened silver or green patina, and are available to order.  
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