Sun – Stars – Fire – Flames

Sun, stars, fire, and flames – images from 1992 onward.

Blind Faith, oil on linen, 48 x 72”, from 'The Other Side' show, 2005.

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Blind Faith

This piece is about not knowing what is on the other side while having faith in the process, even tho the dangers lurk; the ‘sharps’; the things we fear may happen if we make a change for ourselves. The Buddhist laughs gently at the anxiety of the scenario. A small figure in the distance leans into the wind, trusting it will hold him up… The pillow could be the dream, the idea that life is all just a thought and then gone, waking up from innocence and stepping over into the dangers of life. I painted this at a time when I was deciding on what to do with a business situation I was in. Do I take blind faith or continue in fear?
I often like to paint barefoot figures which could represent vulnerability, comfortableness, trustiness. The sun is a big ball of fire and yet in this case comforting and warm. I love how the biggest scariest ball of fire in the sky is thousands of times bigger than the earth yet represents warmth and comfort in visual imagery. It’s the dichotomy of an object’s symbol and it’s actuality. The symbol also represents something comforting such as god, all-mighty power, the source. Bubbles floating in the air as transient small films of soap suds, here and then gone as they pop. While considering all these ideas of what the sun can mean to us, it was an interesting experience to try and paint the light… I love figuring out light in a painting!

Hope and Punches, 2014 oil on linen 48 x 44 inches a

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Hope and Punches:

Here I have portrayed the figure of hope personified, not as an innocent, but as a conqueror of the insanity of life’s hard knocks.

Hope personified, somewhat worldly or experienced and knowing how to deal with the punches life has to offer. Strong, aware of his potential…Punch is the old-time psychopathic puppet character who deals with every situation with aggression, from the old ‘Punch and Judy Show’. I like using him as a symbol with his Baton/sticks as the punches or hard knocks that life has to offer. The main figure has the flame of hope, knowing how to deal with the situation at hand… Burn those little mothers! Whack those little punches. I like painting the figure of hope with a stylish Ingres-like roundness.  The punches float like thoughts in the headspace of the main character… My belief is that he is thinking “I’ve got this!”  – MA from notes on paintings