‘Armoured Heart’ and ‘All Day Sucker’ available.


‘Armoured Heart’ is an original hand-printed etching.
Image size: 21 x 18.5 inches, plus 3-inch borders.
Edition size: 50, plus 5 artist’s proofs, signed and numbered

If you’d like one Contact Michael for details.

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The prints are done by hand, by burnishing zinc or copper plate aquatints. In this process the plate is covered with a hard ground, Michael makes a scratched line drawing on a wax coated plate, and the lines are etched as a guide. Next the plate is cleaned and etched with several layers of spray aquatint until it prints black. The artist then burnishes the tones and whites into the plate. prints are then pulled from the plate.


All Day Sucker’ is a hand printed original etching on paper.
Image size: 5 x 7 inches, plus 2-inch borders.
Edition size: 30, plus 3 artist’s proofs, signed and numbered.

If you’d like one  Contact Michael for details.



Photo of the etching plate, burnishing tool and one of the state proofs.