The Lure – Bronze Sculpture


‘The Lure’ sculpture is a striking piece that includes a rectangular artwork with a sheet of glass as the calm surface of the water, there is a classically sculpted woman sitting on a dock above the water surface, and personified fish and detailed and textured seabed below.


Imperial size:
Height: 23.5”, Width: 18”, Depth: 14”
Weight: 68+ lbs

Metric size:
Height: 60 cm, Width: 46 cm, Depth: 36 cm
Weight: 31 kg

Material: Foundry Cast Bronze, tempered glass.

Edition: 9
Sculptures Available with no wait time: 1
Finish: Green Patina

Suggested Display
This sculpture can sit on any sturdy and secure weight-bearing table, counter or plinth. It is enjoyable in the round. When placed on a surface in front of a window light passes through the edge of the glass creating a glowing aqua-colored strip. We recommend a table or surface at least 18 inches in depth, making sure there is at least eight inches in front of the base of the sculpture, which will allow a bit of space for the forward extending fishing rod.

Where and How it’s made
The original is made in Chavant wax-based clay. A capture mold is made which destroys the original wax clay but allows for a wax casting, a secondary mold, and lost wax bronze casting. The casting was done at Burton Bronze Foundry, on Salt Spring Island, BC.

This piece is created fully assembled, in foam and a wooden crate, and shipped using DHL international, or UPS/Fedex Within Canada . Due to the center glass piece, the sculpture is packed super securely. It requires a standard reversible drill with a roberson (square head) screwdriver bit to remove screws from the crated sculpture.

Each sculpture comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

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