The Big Fish – Bronze Sculpture


There’s an old saying about the nature of life where we all want to be the big fish but some days we are the little fish. The fish has human attributes that capture the nature of nature, the nature of business, career, societal structures, strength and vulnerability, and of struggle and acceptance of the nature of life.

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Imperial size:
Height: 16”, Width: 15”, Depth: 14”
Weight: – lbs

Metric size:
Height: – cm, Width: – cm, Depth: – cm
Weight: – kg

Material: Foundry Cast Bronze
Finish: Available in Green Patina or Polished Bronze

Edition: 9

Suggested Display
This sculpture can be enjoyed from any angle and viewpoint. As a wider sculpture, this piece is best placed in a level and steady area. 

Where and How it’s made
The original is made in Chavant wax-based clay. A capture mold is made which destroys the original wax clay but allows for a wax casting, a secondary mold, and lost wax bronze casting. The casting was done at Burton Bronze Foundry, on Salt Spring Island, BC.

This piece is fully assembled, packed in foam in a wooden crate, and shipped using DHL international, or UPS/FedEx Within Canada. It requires a standard reversible drill with a Robertson (square head) #2 screwdriver bit, or a Robertson’s handheld screwdriver to open the crating.

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