Fetish Fetish – Bronze Sculpture


 The detailed statuette stands like an Academy Award Oscar trophy as an ode to the spectrum of self. It is both narrow and sturdy and is designed to reveal sensuous surprises at every viewing angle. ‘Fetish Fetish’ is to be overt, joyous, sensual, intriguing, accepting, and playful, as I think sexuality should be.   This piece was made to celebrate human sexuality, not as deviant, but as a variant.


Imperial size:
Height: 13”, Diameter 3.75”
Weight: 9 lbs

Metric size:
Height: 33 cm, Diameter 9.5 cm
Weight: 4 kg

Material: Foundry Cast Bronze

Edition: 9
Sculptures Available with no wait time: 1
Finish: Polished Bronze

Suggested Display
‘Fetish Fetish’ sculpture would look lovely on a shelf, mantle, windowsill, desk, displayed alone or grouped with other items.
Whether you are a bold collector, a playful designer or a consummate sensualist, this piece is sure to elicit some impressions.

Where and How it’s made
The original is made in Chavant wax-based clay. A capture mold is made which destroys the original wax clay but allows for a wax casting, a secondary mold, and lost wax bronze casting. The casting was done at Burton Bronze Foundry, on Salt Spring Island, BC.

This sculpture is foam and cloth wrapped and securely boxed for shipping. Open on a secure surface, taking care not to use a deep cutting blade.

Each sculpture comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

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