Dog Eat Dog – Bronze Sculpture


‘Dog Eat Dog’ is sturdy and lays low to its surface. In an infinity-like shape, this piece features a unique but symmetrical experience depending on the angle at which it is viewed. It shows two dogs, with four legs, each dog consuming the other. With nuanced expressions, we see the mix from sly and demonic, to playful, satisfied, joyous, and gentle. This piece captures the dynamics of competition and the game of business.

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Imperial size:
Height: 9”, Width: 10”, Depth: 10”
Weight: – lbs

Metric size:
Height: – cm, Width: – cm, Depth: – cm
Weight: – kg

Material: Foundry Cast Bronze
Edition: 18

This is a split edition:
9 bronze with green patina
9 bronze with burnished silver oxide patina


The current images seen here are views of the green patina finish.
Patinas vary from piece to piece.

Available Edition
‘Dog Eat Dog’ sculpture is available made-to-order. For more information on ordering a made-to-order piece, visit ‘this page’

Suggested Display
This sculpture is small and sturdy. Its smooth sides and edges are inviting to touch and would make a captivating centerpiece on a coffee table or shelf, or on a large desk. 

Where and How it’s made
The original is made in Chavant wax-based clay. A capture mold is made which destroys the original wax clay but allows for a wax casting, a secondary mold, and lost wax bronze casting. The casting was done at Burton Bronze Foundry, on Salt Spring Island, BC.

This piece is created fully assembled, in foam and a wooden crate, and shipped using DHL international, or UPS/FedEx Within Canada. Due to the center glass piece, the sculpture is packed super securely. It requires a standard reversible drill with a Robertson (square head) screwdriver bit to remove screws from the crated sculpture.

 Each bronze sculpture comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

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