Air, wind, consumption, pollution, depletion, denial, extinction…

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Fishbowl in the Sky, oil on linen, 36×40, 2012

Sometimes words are used to express what a picture can’t express. Easily readable images such as a fishbowl in the sky, one can say “not much room in that there heavenly fishbowl”. The image to me alludes to humanity’s ongoing use and depletion of natural resources. There is the ongoing media mention of Human consumption and waste, all are at the forefront of environmental issues. As the global population ever increases, I sometimes think the world is no more than a fishbowl in the sky. It is a closed system where man has become the dominant gluttonous species. It’s a huge petri dish exploding with an outbreak of man.

A lot of environmental artists would paint nice nature pictures and wildlife in hopes that their imagery will move people to be more concerned caring and aware of nature and the fragile balance required to maintain these precious ecosystems. Sometimes it brings me sorrow, and yet I too am part of the problem. Melting icecaps, plastic overfilling into the ocean to create an enormous mass of garbage floating somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean, over-population of people, over extracting natural resources, and on and on and on. Can humans recover the state of things when they‘ve gone too far?  Sustainability and biodegradable lifestyle are the order of the day. Resources are finite. Fish know not the waters they swim in.


“As flies are to wanton boys, we are to the gods” – William Shakespeare