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Water Works

Water, water everywhere… boats, pools, water and waves.

(The images date from 1993 to near present.)

Hook 2014 oil on linen 42 x 48 inches (detail)

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I wanted to paint a light image, something pleasant, outdoors, big sky, restful character, but I can never seem to get away from the angst of the dark side being present… Hook… Potential for hazard… I wanted to paint various reds together, watermelon, apple, blanket, loved painting bright colours against the blue sky,

Often think of awe and wonder… Consciously decorative.. Designed, balanced, busy and yet peaceful…. Lured by appetite, pleasure, satiation … in regards to composition, I am consciously working working the centre and edges of the image. – MA notes on painting

Hook 2014 oil on linen 42 x 48 inches