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fauning painting
Fauning, 2019, oil on linen, 60 x 44 inches

Fauning:  The Mythological Beast – the Artist

Artists get inundated with the idea of marketing and brand, artist as brand, with fame based on good idea, a definable style, a notorious statement. ‘I’ve had a few ‘business’ minded people say to me that i’d be really famous if i can find out how to brand myself.  I think i’m doing fine 🙂  Being a successful artist shouldn’t be all about branding. A successful artist explores life. I thought that as a fifty-four year old man looking at what my ‘brand is, maybe my brand is as an awkward (youngish but old, strong but gawky, confident but insecure, surrounded by images of other artist brands, wanting to fit in. In this image I’ve included “Andy, as in Warhol, a Henri Rousseau lion head, a worn out playboy bunny, the jug i have in my studio that reminds me of one the brand master Picasso painted, and also a Matisse like figure in sienna and umber. In a mix of style tight and loose, I have also included a portrait of a friend who ‘helps artists navigate the art world’.



vb (intr; often foll by on or upon)

1. to seek attention and admiration (from) by cringing and flattering
2. (of animals, esp dogs) to try to please by a show of extreme friendliness and fondness (towards)


  • 1.displaying exaggerated flattery or affection; obsequious:fawning adoration”

noun Classical Mythology.

one of a class of rural deities represented as men with the ears, horns, tail, and later also the hind legs of a goat.