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the lure

The Lure - in the spotlight.
The Lure 2013, Bronze and Glass, 23.5h x 18w x 14d inches. Edition of 9.


A woman on a dock, a muse, she is the lure, she is the hope. The fish with the salmon-like upstream impulses capture the nature of sexual impulse itself. The glass/ water acts as the division between earthliness and the unattainable. The fish below imagining what is above, a spiritual feeling of promise… This is not unlike a spiritual division of heaven and earth, of ideality and reality, the immaterial and the flesh.



  1. Something that tempts or attracts with the promise of pleasure or reward.
  2. An attraction or appeal.
  3. A decoy used in catching animals, especially an artificial bait used in catching fish.
  4. A bunch of feathers attached to a long cord, used in falconry to recall the hawk.

r.v. lured, lur·ing:

  1. To attract by wiles or temptation; entice.

Thought: Call of the siren… song of the siren.

The lure.  Woman as muse. Muse in a different realm, man fish, like salmon swimming upstream, the sexual… sensual impulse is innate. Nature of impulse, capturing a truth to attraction, of impulse for creativity, desire, wanting, it is the nature of the beast.  The woman is the lure in this case.  Split between two atmospheres, one of water one of air. The unattainable…

The Lure 2013, Bronze and Glass (Available in Green Patina or Matte Bronze) Edition of 9, 23.5h x 18h x 14d inches. Cast at Burton Bronze Foundry.

The Lure (Back view) 2013, Bronze and Glass, 23.5h x 18w x 14d inches. Edition of 9.