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Sleeping Dog

“Hoping to get by unscathed, potential, always the potential for things to unsettle, ergo the man’s tie dragging upon the sleeping dog.  I liked the idea of the business man’s tie brushing, dragging across the dogs back.  Is he sneaking, is he aware, ambiguous man child nature of the character, slinking posture… Open to interpretation, power structures, does the dog represent the sleeping masses, or the inevitable pitfalls of life, as in some ways no ones makes out out unscathed by some sort of trauma…. Or do they.  The dual face is for motion, checking over right and left shoulder, nervous.  one face looks somehow pleased like he is getting away with something, or possibly happy go lucky, the lower face a bit more worried… Two faces as piece is viewed in the round.  Two faced?  Sneaky?  Checking over shoulders….

And so are we the sleeping dog unaware or are we the man getting but unscathed, but potentially going to get bitten. Or not… The nature of infallibility, or ignorance…  Is the man the dog’s dream? Is the dog happily oblivious?…  – MA 2014

Sleeping Dog 2013, Bronze (Available in Green Patina or Polished Bronze) Edition of 9, 11h x 18w x 9d inches. Cast at Burton Bronze Foundry.

Back view of Sleeping Dog 2013, with polished bronze finish.
Sleeping Dog, 2012, oil on linen, 48 x 60 inches.

Sleeping dog was originally done as a painted image, but with the potential for working the weight and subtleties of balance in 3 dimentions I had to do it in 3-d.

An idea starting out - Clay maquette for 'Sleeping Dog'.