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Artist Statement


“The famous French Canadian painter Riopelle said that painting is a disease, and that once you catch it you have it for life.  I caught it.  I have been living breathing and eating art for many years.  Being in the process of making art is very much feeling one’s aliveness, insignificance, bravado, greatness, feebleness.  I am a designer, a colourist, and a composer of ideas.  I am not bound by realism.  I like to give myself the freedom to think, probe, explore, play, as the process permits, and create the artifacts of the process.  I am intrigued by both the narrative and abstract nature of painting.  Artists I admire include Breughel, Picasso, Ingres, Fra Angelico, and Stanley Spencer, who are all formal composers in the visual realm.  And the Master of the St. Bartholomew Altarpiece, to die for!

Motivation to create an image can come from any number of things, including art, literature, the media, politics, philosophy, religious studies, psychology, business world, family life, interpersonal relationships, feelings, by observing and involvement.  Being a non-linear thinker, with a variety of personal circumstances, experiences, influences and mess-ups to draw from really helps!   The work is both subjective, and based in reality, a melding of the inner and outer world.  There are so many things to ponder and wrap one’s head around… Art is a reflection of life: growing and dying, serious, funny, absurd, joyous, hard, paradoxical, sensuous, scary, communal, divisive… all things at once, and ever changing.  Each painting is a snapshot of the mind in time.”

Michael Abraham – 2012